sustainable nutrient solutions for this generation . . . and the next
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land application management: quasar offers a full-service nutrient management program for our agricultural customers. We take complete responsibility for applying nutrients at agronomic rates to your fields. equate is either directly injected into the soil or surface sprayed, depending on farming practices. Use of equate can offset your farm’s fertilizer requirements while reducing the cost to fuel and operate spreading equipment. On average, using equate in place of traditional fertilizer products can offset your annual costs by up to $150 per acre.

"Analysis shows the material (equate) is a very good plant fertilizer and is of high quality. Chemical analysis shows metal contaminants of no concern. Land application of this effluent will benefit agricultural crop production, soil and environmental quality."

Nicholas T. Basta,

Professor of Soil and Environmental Chemistry, The Ohio State University

*Based on application rate of 6,000 gallons per acre