sustainable nutrient solutions for this generation . . . and the next
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ecofriendly alternative: equate is an ecofriendly alternative to traditional fertilizer options such as land application of manure or chemical fertilizers.

high organic matter: Adding these products to the soil helps increase tilth and organic matter.

be part of the solution: equate is a product of anaerobic digestion, a natural process where microorganisms break down organic material in the absence of oxygen. This process creates two products; energy and equate. The gases resulting from anaerobic digestion are used to create domestic renewable energy, while equate, containing valuable nutrients and organic matter, is applied to farm fields for agronomic benefit.

odor management: Odor causing solids are naturally reduced during the anaerobic digestion process by converting volatile solids into biogas - leaving you with a less odorous product.

Nutrient *Average lbs/1000 gallons
Nitrogen - ammonia 36.92 lbs
P2O5 22.52 lbs
K2O 3.92 lbs
*Average concentrations above are based on laboratory tests of representative samples from quasar's Columbus, OH system. equate is a product of anaerobic digestion. As such, nutrient values may vary slightly. Numbers are based on wet weight.