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equate is an organic NPK supplement designed for agricultural land application. equate meets ┬╣Class B or Class A solids requirements as applicable and contains organic material from wastewater treatment plants and food processing plants.

equate is the product of quasar energy group's anaerobic digestion, a natural process where microorganisms break down organic material in the absence of oxygen.

quasar offers a full-service nutrient management program for our agricultural customers. The health and quality of your soil is our top priority.

1. equate material complies with state Class B or Class A criteria as applicable.
  Natural Fertilizer Supplement
  Soil Amendment
  Supports Healthy Crop Growth
  High Organic Matter
  Nitrogen Replacement
*Average concentrations above are based on laboratory tests of representative samples from quasar's Columbus system. equate is a product of anaerobic digestion. As such, nutrient values may vary slightly.